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Margot Robbie liked to be able to act along with Jared Leto in the movie Fake the suicide of Squad. In accordance with a recent interview that the actress gave to the digital magazine Shortlist, to be employed with such an immersed actor at its method facilitated very much the things to him opposite to the cameras, especially after that Leto was giving him a rat during the filming.

Fake the suicide of Squad, which also is led by Will Smith, Viola Davis, Cara Delevigne, Jai Courtney and more, watch Suicide Squad full movie it is released next August 5. Leto revealed not long ago that devoted himself to scare passers-by in the cities of Toronto and New York to enter personage and to perfect its laugh. Also it admitted that it met guilty psychopaths, as well as the doctors and psychiatrists who were treating them to prepare themselves. Its partner of cast Viola Davis it found so disturbing that almost it sprays it with pepper spray in the set

Jared Leto, winning American actor of the Óscar, granted an interview to the magazine “Rolling Stone” where he spoke on its role of the Joker in the movie “Fake the suicide of Squade” that is released on August 5 in the United States.

Heath Ledger did a perfect and impeccable interpretation like the Joker, it is one of the best interpretations of the movies. I met Heath, did not know it so well but she was a beautiful person. I believe that if [the] Joker had been interpreted only by Heath and it had never been a cómic, perhaps I would have felt that [to interpret it] was inappropriate”, showed Jared Leto for “Rolling Stone”.

Madrid Stays little more than one week so that ‘He Fakes the suicide of Squad’ (Suicidal squadron) comes to the movies of the whole world. And great is the sense of expectancy created concerning the tape of the villains of DC, especially in the respective thing to the Joker of Jared Leto. A mysterious personage who, according to the director David Ayer, does not have any relation with Robin, the partner of Batman.

Since he announced to himself that Jared Leto would interpret the new Joker, and the first images of the distinguished actor became public, a brilliant theory fan began taking form. Expert speculation was aiming that the new Clown of the Crímen was in fact Jason Todd, the ancient partner of Batman died to hands of the proper Joker (in the cómics).

Unfortunately, some time ago that Zack Snyder, the person in charge of Batman v Superman, denied the theory. Nevertheless, the fans were lodging certain hopes to see this one plot thread (Death in the family) on the big screen. A few hopes that Yesterday it has dismantled finally.

In frame of Comic-Con de San Diego, WSVN-TV approached the panel of Suicide Squad to ask the director what theory was thinking about this one in particular, emphasizing who believed Yesterday that it was the most ludicrous theory with regard to its new movie. The film maker simply answered that “it is not the case. He (Joker) it is not (Robin)”.

Certainly, the plain Yesterday declaration leaves more suspense than answer, since it gives the impression of which the director prefers to drain the bundle to give some coherent explanation that dismantles really the theory. Will it have revealed accidentally the truth on the Joker and Jason Todd? It will be necessary to wait until August 5 to find out it.

The premiere of ‘Squadron Fakes the suicide’ it is foreseen for the next August 5. While DC keeps on paving the way for its next movies as ‘Wonder Woman’ that will see the light in June, 2017 or The league of the Justice: Part I in November, 2017.

Also the premiere of ‘The Flash’ is foreseen (March, 2018) with Ezra Miller, ‘Aquaman’ (July, 2018), led by Jason Momoa, (April, 2019) with Dwayne Johnson, ‘The League of the Justice. Part 2’ (June, 2019) ‘Cyborg’ (April, 2020) with Ray Fisher y Green Lantern Corps, whose premiere was foreseen, in principle, for June, 2020, but who has been late without fixed date.

Between the next projects they are the consequence of the proper one ‘Fake the suicide of Squad’, that might begin its shooting in 2017, and the movie alone of Batman that it will lead, direct and Ben Affleck will write.

Updated: August 1, 2016 — 4:07 am

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