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“Suicide Squad”: The Joker who lost his smile

Suicide Squad

Extended DC Universe Suicide Squad expands considerably in terms of characters with his third film, directed by American David Ayer, which are some of the villains of this cosmos comiquero those who have the almost absolute role.

If in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tend to introduce their first superheroes with films focused on them before you get them all together, and there are few exceptions to this, it seems that DC follows the opposite path. And Suicide Squad we could say that is the equivalent to the exception supposed Guardians of the Galaxy (James Gunn, 2014) in Marvel, not only because both are a group of eccentric criminals who are forced to confront the true and most devastating evil, but because so far there are no plans or claims rather than rolling aftermath of his adventure and not led by any of them alone.

As regards Yesterday, it should not surprise anyone who has been in charge of Suicide Squad, as the core of the film is precisely that of all that has rolled to date: the fuzzy boundaries separating forces order criminals and a legal and honorable one that violate the law or what is decent and correct behavior. This dichotomy we have seen in its irregular debut, Harsh Times (2005), the acceptable Street Kings (2008), in respectful End of Watch (2012), on excessive, clumsy and implausible Sabotage (2014), an bluf difficult to understand, and in the rue Fury (2014), perhaps the best thing that has made so far with End of Watch.

But the narrative coherence of yesterday does not stop there, but also emotional ties, people who are considered family without the other, watch Suicide Squad full movie and loyalty among those faced with the brutality and violence may be found in these six films has directed both as main characters with psychological problems arising from this confrontation. And there is no doubt that the protagonists of Guardians of the Galaxy are sane compared to the villains angelitos disturbed Suicide Squad.

The fundamental difference we noticed in it compared to the previous works of yesterday is the reduction of the visible filmic personality and the use of handheld camera, a fact the latter that will have been encouraged by the great means by which such a blockbuster, and two, the lower freedom that have had the filmmaker to adapt comics, especially being aware that the directors of the Universe Extended DC, such as the Marvel must meet the demands of the outcome not be oblivious to set.

We can not overlook that momentum that brings Yesterday their favor, and so the film meets the hopes of entertainment of any viewer who comes to see her, and the cast chosen not to disappoint the expectations of those who wanted see how this group of crazies interact on the big screen. Of these, it is clear that Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) the roost along with Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) and the imposing Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), and Ayer has sought to delve into some of their personalities known to us very briefly weaknesses Flag, Deadshot and Harley Quinn, but not too much.

And note that the Joker has made Jared Leto is satisfactory but not equal and in no way superior to those of Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, who dazzled us seems to us unavoidable, each in his own way, in Batman (Tim Burton, 1989 ) and The Dark Knight (Christopher Nolan, 2008), respectively. But it is very clear that whoever steals our heart during the footage is attractive, crazy and unpredictable Harley Quinn, and Robbie shown splendid even when limited to inflate a balloon gum.

However, we must also say that we would have liked to see more screen time to Joker, which is one of the greatest villains of DC if not better, than the action scenes are not as spirited you might expect already someone with the experience of yesterday and fail to take away more than in very specific moments, and that although often a skilled manager are enough four strokes to describe the personality of its fictional beings and Ayer does, members of Suicide Squad are striking enough to deserve explore more of what is allowed here in the dark interior.

And not only that: do not expect to find any subversion in this gang of misfits perverse because there is not, which is something we must grieve openly. That being so, it seems indisputable that yesterday merely scratch the surface of its idiosyncrasies, and only Ledger Joker was more subversive and challenging them all together.

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Margot Robbie liked to be able to act along with Jared Leto in the movie Fake the suicide of Squad. In accordance with a recent interview that the actress gave to the digital magazine Shortlist, to be employed with such an immersed actor at its method facilitated very much the things to him opposite to the cameras, especially after that Leto was giving him a rat during the filming.

Fake the suicide of Squad, which also is led by Will Smith, Viola Davis, Cara Delevigne, Jai Courtney and more, watch Suicide Squad full movie it is released next August 5. Leto revealed not long ago that devoted himself to scare passers-by in the cities of Toronto and New York to enter personage and to perfect its laugh. Also it admitted that it met guilty psychopaths, as well as the doctors and psychiatrists who were treating them to prepare themselves. Its partner of cast Viola Davis it found so disturbing that almost it sprays it with pepper spray in the set

Jared Leto, winning American actor of the Óscar, granted an interview to the magazine “Rolling Stone” where he spoke on its role of the Joker in the movie “Fake the suicide of Squade” that is released on August 5 in the United States.

Heath Ledger did a perfect and impeccable interpretation like the Joker, it is one of the best interpretations of the movies. I met Heath, did not know it so well but she was a beautiful person. I believe that if [the] Joker had been interpreted only by Heath and it had never been a cómic, perhaps I would have felt that [to interpret it] was inappropriate”, showed Jared Leto for “Rolling Stone”.

Madrid Stays little more than one week so that ‘He Fakes the suicide of Squad’ (Suicidal squadron) comes to the movies of the whole world. And great is the sense of expectancy created concerning the tape of the villains of DC, especially in the respective thing to the Joker of Jared Leto. A mysterious personage who, according to the director David Ayer, does not have any relation with Robin, the partner of Batman.

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